Contoh Soal Pronoun

Contoh Soal Pronoun

Contoh Soal Pronoun

Contoh Soal Pronoun

Contoh Soal Definite & Indefinite Pronoun :

This is … bicycle.

Rudy’s                  b. him                   c. he                      d. Rudy


Aunt Tina has a new car. The Grey car over there is …


Her                         b. hers                  c. she                    d. she’s


Susi’s uncle is carrying a bag.  … is going to the office.


She                        b. his                     c. he                      d. him


When Rini and I were in the yard, father called …


Us                           b. they                  c. their                  d. we


A : The weather is hot in Surabaya. Which shirt do you need?


B : I need the thin …

One                       b. once                 c. one’s                                d. ones

This test is not difficult, … can do it.

No one                 b. one                   c. anybody          d. noboby

I have a pen friend in Canada. We have been waiting to … since last year.

Some other        b. other                                c. each other      d. another

I have a book. This is … book

Your                       b. my                     c. his                      d. her

Look, that is Ekajaya! … is my classmate.

She                        b. I                          c. You                    d. He

Tino is a student and Budi is too. … are SMP student.

We                         b. they                  c. you                    d. you and I

Look at the picture. … is a black board

This                        b. that                   c. these                                d. those

I don’t like this shirt. Give me … one, please.

Other                    b. others              c. another           d. the other

I came to Ani’s house last night. I knocked the door, but there was no answer. I think there wasn’t any body there. I

am sure there was … at home.

Everyone             b. anyone            c. someone        d. no one

Mr. Ismail is their history teacher. He teaches … very well.

Them                    b. us                      c. me                     d. him

Tony and I have many books. These books are …

Theirs                    b. his                     c. yours                                d. ours


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