called out the name of Li Jie, and directly to one hand to seize the ears of Li Jie, severely twisted. Pain Oh, I know, must be squad leader Li Jie to prevent the body will flow back Cisco Specialist it exam to fight the interest rate, turned around and exaggerated cried. At this time Li Jie Cai Qingqing noted a dress. Mu Qingqing upper body coincidence and Li Jie wearing the same black short sleeved. Dressed in black shawl short sleeved, and then with a tender yellow velvet knee length skirt, a pair of black high boots, dark hair with a natural ups and downs on the shoulders. Clear and bright pupil, curved Liu Mei, looks very handsome If the average person to see, and definitely think they are lovers installed Li Jie turned around to see Mu Qingqing a pair of beautiful big eyes, gas whirling staring at their own, the hearts of a sudden, laughing and trembling the class look.s Cisco Certification beautiful flowers, the fish goose, how can we ah some kind of animal comparison is really small People are shallow, wrong Li Jie in order to protect his Cisco Specialist ears, he suddenly did not know the way. Beautiful and beautiful, Hee hee Mu

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700-801 IoT Sales Fundamentals Cisco Cisco Specialist