ged man ruthlessly said. Yang Yuncang is my young master Yang, more than a year ago before returning home.When do not know why young gentleman will rarely appear in front of people until a month ago, Yang will come the news, young master Ye and Miss Chen The whole Yang are lively up, and then young master to find me, I want to come here to find you let me this letter to you, t.he other did not say anything, I know these ah Middle aged people said sadly The A Chu let the middle aged, quietly recorded the middle aged man said Cisco Certification Yang home address, secretly hiding in the room crying. Two days later, A Chu was cheered up to Yang Yunchang Cisco Security Sales Specialist where the rush, in any case, she would not believe Yang Lang will abandon him, she should face to face with Yang Lang confrontation. A month later, A Chu Cisco Security Sales Specialist it exam arrived in Yang where, she was dressed, long journey to her never had a Miao woman suffered a lot, but she still insisted, still kept hurry. A Chu in Yang at the door waiting for two days, and finally found the opportunity to mix into the Yang, found Yang Yuncang. Yang Yun Cang is holding a woman, looked blankly looking at A Chu. Yang Lang You You want to and this woman married , th.en how should I Ah Chu said sadly. But the face of A Chu s question, Yang Yuncang did n

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646-580 Advanced Security for Account Managers-ASAM Cisco Cisco Security Sales Specialist