ngry and guilty Ninety ninth chapter first encounter zombie Bastard Dragon fist hit Kaka shock, watched Zheng Qun in front of their own souls, let him angry red crown. The original dragon also vowed to promise Zheng Qun, let him accompany his mother the last time, but also send him on the road to reincarnation. But now, he not only Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist can not keep the soul of Zheng group, and even the other side who did not see, which makes Cisco Certification him extremely humiliating. Give me out Long decided to wipe his.right hand in the waist, the devil sword appeared in the palm. Sharp knight sent to the hair, Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist it exam the dragon with his hands tightly holding the hilt, a circle of ripples from the V magic sword sword body glow. Well, it s like a groan coming from the darkness, influenced by the sword of the sword. Hum Long decided Lengheng soon, Vermon Sword quickly toward that direction suddenly a finger. I saw a beam from the Mo magic sword out, will be the place of the light up, then in front of a few people, there was a dressed in a black skirt figure. The beam ap

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