a few dollars, did not think Luo Hui so good memory Then let you money first Li Jie decisive from his pocket took out a few coins scattered to throw Luo Hui. But Luo Hui faint smile, one hand into the ph.antom, easily received all the coins. You remember the last time you said, as long as there is Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist it exam something, you can find your help Then Li Jie faint smile He took advantage of the cover of the pocket, took out from the space last time on the bus Luo Hui gave his business card, toward the Luo Hui shook. I said so, if the little busy words, see the face of the students once, I d be able to help you Luo Hui Li Jie looked at the hands of the business card, smiled. All the degenerate look slightly change, the original leader and the Cisco Certification front of the juvenile is the relationship between students. I want you to put the housekeeper home, do not know whether or not Li Jie look a Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist condensate, pointing to the fall of those who were surrounded by the Mu Li. Heard this, Luo Hui eyes slightly squint This is not a little busy, I can not help you Luo Hui face a cold, light Road. Li Jie saw Luo s expression, his heart.secretly sighed Sure enough, he and Luo Hu

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648-385 CXFF-Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers Cisco Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist