d of this kid. Talking between him a note cross knife, dragon are scared to close his eyes, because the Cisco Business Value Specialist knife continues to carry a strong atmosphere, straight split wolf s waist, if the split, the war wolf since when can not live. Clang Nianjun a occasion, the seaside ground suddenly sprang a purple figure, holding magic sword even hard to catch each other s strong fighting. Cisco Certification the host. Sword Lord. War wolf and dragon almost cried at the same time. Liu Zhengyu smile on the two, then the pressure on the magic sword, vigorously waved, powerful fighting power, even to break the machine to tens of meters away. I ll save you. Liu Zhengyu speak, artifact magic sword swords again and again, quickly two people.on the rope split. Countless soldiers are silly standing there, hold your breath, watching the guillotine youth, the body scattered out of the strong breath, but the most surprising than broken machine. Breaking the machine a moment, yesterday is also far less than their own Liu Zhengyu, today not only hard to his efforts, it seems there is the color, looking at the front of the scene, he did not hesitate, people flying again, Hands clenched sword, from the top straight split down. Liu Zhengyu gently smile, Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam magic sword bursts of rotation, breaking each other s grudge, people also quickly float to meet each other s sword. The sword constantly touchin

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810-403 Selling Business Outcomes Cisco Cisco Business Value Specialist