ut the scroll, at least about 400 chapters, the details of character highlights, although the protagonist in the practice of underestimation, but the story continues, III will not let everyone down, the story has more than 150 million words, III is still the pursuit of logic and story Welcome readers advice Because the details of the story, the outcome of this volume has been set to see the middle of the story bedding, not the Cisco Certification same fantasy journey, never guess the story, the volume is mostly foreshadowed in the excessive volume before the city plot Of the ups and downs in the volume III and the reader friends, the author brothers had a serene Chinese year CCNP Service Provider it exam Happy New Year, I wish you all family happy, all the.best The Third, QQ , fairy demon mind readers exchange QQ group micro signal yelong5119, plus friends can enter the micro readers readership, the Spring Festival, courtesy, and everyone next year to achieve success The Chapter 491 Xicheng chaos Jiang Rong command Liu Yuanhui and war clouds were brothers, two practice in general, for each move are very familiar with the two fights instantly become Jiaozuo. However, the war clouds and brave, has been two contest, he has the upper hand, Liu Yuanhui eyes swept the following, countless palace guard wanted to come here from the raid, he just want to leave, take into account the brother of friendship, let alone in his CCNP Service Provider heart , War clouds have

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