then it is a look at the task of the great demon evil, thinking down. This task is related to the mission before the great devils To know the first phase of the great martial arts of the martial arts veteran task reward is a random upgrade of a martial arts skills Cisco Certification level, failure is optional to reduce the level of a martial arts skills one. That is to CCNA Wireless it exam say that he does not accept this task or task failure is leading to two tasks are failed, while the two tasks to obtain punishment. Not only to reduce the level of a martial arts, but also to reduce the prestige value. Li Jie looked at the system that is constantly flashing whether the option, the final finger out of the click a little click to determine the choice of the task. Anyway, do not accept is also a failure, not as good as accept the strong Li Jie heart was hes.itant, but CCNA Wireless now is determined to go down. At this time he was thinking how to be able to gather from the master of the military sector to save Luo Hui, and will not heat burned. Eventually his eyes fell on the skills of the system, the brain turned a few laps, the hearts of a sudden attention. At the same time, in the Lincheng a small hill above the location, a pavilion among the gathered a lot of people. If you feel their breath, you can be surprised to find that they did not even one is lower than the realm of the warrior. Now is the night autumn, fr

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640-722 Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials v2.0 Cisco CCNA Wireless