king for opportunities to kidnap us. So, a mention of South Africa, the two of us are a bit nervous. Ye Cong they are once bitten by a snake, Cisco Certification ten years of fear of rope. It was going to stay in the workplace soon, we went to South Africa do not play. In South Africa must not go out alone, especially those relatively remote places. It is not the question now, and I am more concerned about why Neo will transfer the ass.ets to the UK. Ye Cong said why he was hesitant, the jeweler like him CCNA Industrial it exam would be comfortable in South Africa , Unless he was threatened to have to make this decision, it seems that he did not tell the truth ah. Ye Cong thought of here, dialed Neo s phone, invited him to go to the office again, we must understand each other to understand all the circumstances. Big Brother, I accompany you to go, do not worry about what danger. Ye Chen for their ability is still more confident, can help brother in the cause of further, but also make him very happy. Even if Ye Cong no longer refused, Ye Chen did not respond, repeatedly said that the brothers should be a total of retreat. Eighty four chapters Neo Hyman CCNA Industrial The phone did not take long, the black man called Neo came to Ye Cong s office. Ye Cong did not let Ye Chen two people out, need to let them also understand this event. You are good Ye lawyer, do not know if you consider clearly Neo cam.e after seems to have not seen Ye Chen two, sitting directly

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200-601 Managing Industrial Networking for Manufacturing with Cisco Technologies Cisco CCNA Industrial