immediately smiled and said I think I was a breakthrough to congenital innate Sun Ying Li Jie looked at the palm of the hand that constantly puffing Gangqi, a bit puzzled. Li Jie is not already innate it Why CCIE Service Provider it exam now say that the breakthrough to the innate Li Jie CCIE Service Provider looked at Sun Ying puzzled look, she knew what she was thinking, then explained In fact I was not a congenital realm, but practicing a special power law, you can use Gang Gang in advance. Now it has reached the innate Li Jie said while trying to put the hands of Gang Qi, toward the distance thrown away. This silk Gang gas in the air continue to absorb the energy of heaven and earth, growing, and instantly become thicker than the original five or six times the huge Gang gas. boom Huge Gang gas hit the cave on the cave, gravel scattered, there has been a bucket size of the pit. Great powe.r Sun Ying seeing his face showing a trace of scared. She just clearly see the hands Cisco Certification of Li Jie just a trace of Gang gas, but did not expect to fly out of five or six meters away, but play so amazing power Li Jie is also speechless, this power seems a bit unscientific Originally he used to fight the soldiers fighting sword, you want to achieve this power to pour a lot of Gang gas. But now he is only und

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