ations and other aspects of careful consideration. In these respects, the pet center will not send Nooy to Ye Chen, at least before he is ready for a stables. More importantly, Ye Chen he did not experience the horse, he did not understand the habits of horses. If you keep horses, Ye Chen has no way to take care of them, only ask the workers to take care of it. Although there is no way to adopt Noi, but Ye Chen heart has a horse with the interest. He is ready to find a place to learn about the knowledge of the horse, and then build a stables, and other opportunities to the right words, you can.keep their horses. Chapter 207 Open eyed kitten Ye Chen no way to adopt Neoy, the same Susan has no way to adopt, her condition has not allowed her to adopt more animals. I will ask my friend to ask, they should be able to accept Noi. Under Robert s persuasion, Susan gave up the idea of receiving Noi. Robert s racecourse and work to do, and Ye Chen they chatted for a while, then left the pet center. CCIE Security it exam Noi is in hospital for treatment, CCIE Security and now there is no way to visit it, Ye Chen began today s work. Today, Ye Chen was responsible for taking care of the second floor of a few kittens, their original care staff Aisha Cisco Certification to the hospital to take care of Noi, can only open his eyes did not take

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