l laugh is my people, since you are the main water, you do not want to take us, I will take her away. You have the CCENT ability to take him away, watching down defeat. Heaven and war did not because his mother hit him two slap in the face, and stop the words. Liu Zhengyu long Cisco Certification spit out, really want to rush to Liu Tianzhao two slap in the face, but these years he did not do a trace of his father s responsibility, and my heart some guilt, he wry smile. I was not able to take the criminals away, but they can. Liu Zhengyu with his fingers to the bell goose and Hyun sound. Liu Zhengyu, CCENT it exam also please think twice. Zhong Li Yan said softly. Day war face anger, if the bell goose and Hyun tone insisted to take the criminal laugh, I am afraid he is the use of the whole water can not stop, his next sentence is to let everyone angry. My mother often told me that my fa.ther is a hero, and you are definitely not my father, you just rely on a woman asylum coward. Liu Tianzhao, you say one another, I do not believe that I immediately hit you to play the ground to fi

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640-823 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 Cisco CCENT