shuo can not take their own future joke, perhaps in front of three points is a reason, but if there is no Kang Youshuo identity , Jinxiu also can not enter the crew. , Two films in the gold show of the CCDE it exam acting are recognized, but the so called line of doorkeeping, they are the film people in Jinxiu found a trace of something incredible. That is spirituality This thing is very mysterious, perhaps a natural qualification, or a flash.of light, but each time a film can be pushed to the peak, can not be met. And even some of the actors with this spirit of a hit, from the film about, but CCDE how to maintain this spiritual but very difficult. Simply Jinxiu in addition to spirituality, but also has a particularly skilled acting, Kang Youshuo this dare to boldly try, became a moving world, the waste did not have much relationship, by virtue of the acting or the film can be made into a big sale. But his heart is great, big Cisco Certification to want to hit history. To now the Korean film box office is not a more than 10 million, so Kang Youshuo bold want to rely on this impact a.bout, and Jinxiu is here the most important part, or that spirituality is the most important part. But these words, he did not with Jinxiu said, not only because of fear Jinxiu complacent, but also told useless, might as well make him feel Biequ, to stimulate the fighting spirit better. Jinxiu looked at the brow of the look, Kang Youhuo laugh, wearing headphones to close your eyes. Jinxiu recovered, looked eyes

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352-001 ADVDESIGN Cisco CCDE
352-011 Cisco Certified Design Expert Practical Exam Cisco CCDE